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Josué López

Josué López


Josué is an experienced investment manager who focuses on creating Private Equity opportunities within emerging markets, particularly in the field of disruptive technologies. Through his companies, partners, and affiliates, he has invested capital in multiple developing economies, including the development of large-scale renewable energy projects like solar, hydro, and geothermal plants. Additionally, he’s been instrumental in establishing the largest Bitcoin mining operation in Latin America.

As the leader of three investment entities, he has actively encouraged foreign direct investment (FDI) in El Salvador, and he’s played a crucial role in building sustainable financial infrastructure that has benefited a significant portion of the population.

Josué currently serves as an advisor to @ONBTC and board advisor to El Salvador’s National Digital Assets Commission.

He also has made meaningful contributions through two non-profit organizations by providing education in various emerging economies, covering subjects ranging from music to finance. He is committed to continuing his career in a way that positively impacts El Salvador and its people.

AS CEO of Volcano Energy, he leads strategic decision-making, oversees daily operations, sets corporate vision, manages resources, and represents the company, driving its overall success and growth.

Gerson Martínez

Gerson Martínez


Gerson is a Bitcoin miner with a background in math and economics. The son of Salvadorans who emigrated to the US, he began a career in capital markets trading equity derivatives at Morgan Stanley during the great financial crisis.

He left the securities industry in 2013 to pursue a more purposeful career and spent years as a non-profit executive before falling down the Bitcoin rabbit hole.

In 2019, he started mining Bitcoin and has since deployed hash rate in the US, Canada, LatAm, and the Middle East.

He currently serves as an advisor to @ONBTC and a board advisor to El Salvador’s National Digital Assets Commission.

Gerson will develop and steward the corporate strategy at Volcano Energy to ensure the firm is always achieving its long-term vision and mission. He will also take the lead in corporate communications and public relations for the firm.

Strategic Partners



Power China

Power Construction Corporation of China (POWERCHINA) is a global construction group providing investment, design, construction, manufacturing, and operation management for clean energy, water resources, environmental, and infrastructure projects. Specializing in hydroelectricity and electric power, POWERCHINA operates in sectors like civil engineering, large construction, water management, smart cities, rail transit, and residential buildings. It’s among the world’s largest power construction enterprises with a presence in 130+ countries, delivering industry-leading projects globally.


AIRES Renewables, an Argentinean company, provides consultancy for renewable energy projects, creating investment opportunities in Latin America’s energy sector.

AIRES serves private companies and public administrations in the Latin American wind and solar energy markets. It is a leading company in the sector, excelling in advising banks and companies on asset structuring, technical due diligence, and governments on regulatory matters. AIRES collaborates closely with clients, fostering good relationships based on dialogue and transparency.


Mannvit is an international consulting firm specializing in engineering and technical services. Our services encompass a broad spectrum, including energy, industry, and infrastructure. We provide expertise in engineering, geoscience, environmental studies, IT, and construction material research, along with EPCM services. With over fifty years of accumulated knowledge and experience, our consultancy aims to support our clients effectively.

Sustainability is a core focus in all our endeavors, recognizing the impact of today’s decisions on the well-being of people and the environment tomorrow.

Remedy Energy Services

Remedy Energy Services Inc. has well engineering, project, and supply chain management in the Energy Industry since 1991. Led by Principal Richard Hawker and Earl Scott, our global experience ensures predictably safe and cost-effective project results. Based in Calgary, serving clients in North America and Internationally, we prioritize professionalism, quality, and integrity, aiming to uphold and elevate industry standards.