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Bitcoin Revolution

The Sustainable Bitcoin Revolution

Volcano Energy
is a renewable energy and Bitcoin mining company propelling El Salvador toward energy independence and financial sovereignty.

We aim to position El Salvador as a prominent global player in the Bitcoin mining industry while promoting energy abundance, and the global distribution of Bitcoin’s hashrate.

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El Salvador’s rapid progress towards economic freedom and self-reliance in energy is gaining momentum as we harness our abundant and sustainable natural resources to create Volcano Energy.

Our primary goal is to position El Salvador as a prominent global player in the Bitcoin mining industry, while simultaneously promoting energy competitiveness, diversification, and geographic distribution of the Bitcoin network as part of our unwavering commitment to establishing a global Bitcoin standard.

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Lava Pool is inaugurated: El Salvador opens its first Bitcoin mining farm

The Bitcoin-friendly renewable energy project made headlines in early 2023, with stablecoin issuer Tether among the project’s investor companies.

Volcano Energy Bitcoin mining pool goes live

Volcano Energy and Luxor Technology Corporation launched El Salvador’s first Bitcoin mining pool powered by renewable geothermal energy.

El Salvador launches its first Bitcoin mining pool, Lava Pool

Volcano Energy, a company that combines private and public capital, will manage it in conjunction with Luxor Technology.

El Salvador launches first Bitcoin mining pool as Volcano Energy partners with Luxor

El Salvador officially launched its first local Bitcoin mining pool as the Volcano Energy project begins mining blocks through Lava Pool in partnership with Luxor Technology.

Volcano Energy: El Salvador builds the largest green Bitcoin mining farm in the world

The construction of the new farm for green Bitcoin mining is being undertaken by Volcano Energy, which is supported by the national government and backed by crypto industry companies such as Tether Limited.

Volcano Energy announces Bitcoin mining industry project for El Salvador

In El Salvador, a new project will be created through Volcano Energy focused on the Bitcoin mining industry

El Salvador will be debt-free in 2030 with Bitcoin: Volcano Energy

Volcano Energy's project will have a first phase consisting of $250 million dollars but with a projection of reaching $1,000 million dollars. The chairman of Volcano Energy, Max Keiser, foresees that by 2030, the company's market capitalization will exceed El...

‘Volcano Energy’: Bitcoin mining project receives USD $1 billion to launch in El Salvador

The project is led by reputed investor, Max Keizer, and counts Tether among its investors. It plans to harness renewable energy in the north of the country to mine Bitcoin.

Volcano Energy, El Salvador’s Bitcoin mining company, has started operations with an investment of USD 250 million.

Volcano Energy said the funds would go towards the development of a 241-megawatt power generation park.

Volcano Energy secures $1bn backing to build Bitcoin mine in El Salvador

Volcano Energy, a company based in El Salvador, has announced a public-private initiative to invest $1bn in a Bitcoin mining farm.

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Listen to our podcast and learn more about Volcano Energy’s vision, and the amazing world of renewable energy and Bitcoin.

What is Bitcoin mining?

What is Bitcoin mining?

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How can wind energy improve the lives of people in communities?

How can wind energy improve the lives of people in communities?

Today we explore the transformative impact of wind energy on communities around the world. Wind power is not only an exciting source of clean electricity, but it also promises multiple economic, environmental and social benefits for the local communities where it is found.

In addition, wind power can drive innovative projects such as bitcoin mining, further increasing the benefits for people.

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Trade or Buy Bitcoin? Key Factors to Consider

Trade or Buy Bitcoin? Key Factors to Consider

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